★·.·´¯The Lighthouse¯`·.·★

Be a light in the dark. Shine brightly for those who have lost their way in the storm. Use your story to help another person continue their own. You are loved. You are significant. You belong here. Be blessed!

I know better now, and so I am trying to do better. It is painful because the old ways are so comfortable but I know in my heart that pain is the only thing that will bloom if I go backwards and plant the same seeds I always did.

I want to feel the sun kiss my skin, and watch the light grow inside of me. So yes, I know better, and yes I will try to do better. I will trust that this uncomfortable feeling will fade into peace, and I will be one step closer to being free in me.

I am letting go of many things, thoughts, feelings, and people that have weighed me down until the water filled my lungs. I am learning how to breathe again without them, and it feels bittersweet but I know this is what is right for me.

I won’t explain or justify myself to anyone. I will live out my life with joy, with peace, with honesty, and I will not let anything unravel me again.

This is my story, and beautiful things will be written in each page. The light will soak into my words, and I will come alive in each chapter. No more holding back. No more pleasing you. No more making myself small to make you more. I am here, and I am going to take up space. I am going to live.

Dele Olanubi
If you care about somebody, you should want them to be happy. Even if you wind up being left out.
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (via observando)


You are precious in the eyes of God. Your beauty is in the eyes of your Creator. He made you and He doesn’t make junk. You are not leftovers. You are not someone’s back up plan.You are not optional. You are His priority and You need to look in that mirror today and see yourself for the beloved…

I’m not going to try to be strong anymore. I’m not going to pretend to not feel what I so clearly feel and have felt since I first realized you’d captured my heart all those years ago. I’m not going to deny my heart the beauty and sorrow that comes from loving you. I love you. I have loved you for a very long time. I think a part of me will always belong to you if not the whole of me no matter how hard I try to let everything go. And I have tried in all these years of silence to let you go. To let the past die. To move on. To hate you. To forget us. But no matter how far I get, I always come back to loving you.

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Hope remains
In this desolate place
Even though the pain
is pouring down
Like rain

Keep on going
Through the storms
I know that you will
Find your way to
Those brighter days.

And when it feels
Too much to bear
Share your troubles
With a trusted friend

Hope remains
In this desolate place
Even though the pain
is pouring down
Like rain

No storm lasts
No matter how bad
You must believe
The sun will always
Always, shine again

So hold on
Hold on, hold on
To the faith in your soul
And follow the One
who leads you home.

Hope remains
In this desolate place
Even though the pain
is pouring down
Like rain

You are safe
In His arms
He will guide you
To the shore of joy

Just believe
Just believe, just believe
That a testimony
Is being born

Remember my dear
You have nothing to fear
For He is here

~~Acoustic Imagery~~ (via bealightinthedark)

(via bealightinthedark)

It’s a process of forgiving, letting go, and accepting what was, and trusting in what can be. Abuse doesn’t define you. Assault doesn’t limit you. They thought they broke you, but they didn’t. The damage they did to you can be healed, and all those broken pieces can make something absolutely breathtaking. They didn’t take away who you are, they never could. You are radiant, and you are more than the wounds they gave you. My love, please I beg you to stop punishing yourself for crimes they committed. Stop hating your body because nothing good comes from hate, love is the answer to every horrible thing that happened to you. Love is the path you must walk on. Love is the door you must walk through. This is not who you are, and this will never be the whole story.

With love,

Dele Olanubi