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Be a light in the dark. Shine brightly for those who have lost their way in the storm. Use your story to help another person continue their own. You are loved. You are significant. You belong here. Be blessed!

But this is everyone’s first time living, so they are all clumsy. That’s why it’s hard and it’s okay to make mistakes.
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I still believe that change can happen, though it’s hard and it happens slowly.
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Your frustrations tend to stem from fear of failure. I can’t tell you to not be afraid, but I will ask you to not run away. Instead run forward and trust that you will overcome them. Not in an hour. Not in a day but eventually if you don’t waver you will overcome them. You will overcome your self inflicted limitations.

There is no timer ticking away how long it takes. That isn’t what matters. What matters is that you are keeping yourself in a cage with fear as the locks that keep you there and I don’t want to see you wither away behind those bars when you can set yourself free. You are the one with the power to unlock your talents and nurture them so they can grow and evenutally allow you to bloom.~~

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Maybe today will be the day you decide to begin the process of healing. Maybe today will be the day that you choose to start the journey of becoming a whole person.

A person who finds peace and joy in their skin. A person who can laugh at their eccentricities and love themself more for them. A person who can who can take each day as an opportunity to slay the monsters that have been haunting them. A person who can use the time life provides to become exactly who they envision themself to be. A person who comes alive in their body, their story, and enjoys each breath for the gift that it is.

Maybe today will be the day you get out of bed and do something to close one chapter so the next one can begin. Maybe today will be the day you choose to see yourself as a worthy, beautiful, and precious person. Maybe today will be the day you choose to accept that you matter and that you will always matter. Maybe today will be the day you decide that your wounds no longer define you.

Maybe today will be the day you reach out and let someone be there for you. Maybe today will be the day you decide that you loving yourself is more important than whether or not they love you. Maybe today will be the day you choose to not confine your meaning to a mirror, a person, or a scar.


With love,


It’s time to live a life that is not soaked in tears and insecurities. I want more for myself, and I have to be brave enough to confront the ghosts inside of me so I can lay them to rest and move on in peace.

It is my hope that all of you who are struggling to find yourself, love yourself, and be yourself in this world learn that you cannot do that if you are at war with yourself. Who you are and who you want to be doesn’t have to be this endless battle. You can have a peaceful journey of transformation and discovery. I want all of you out there to know you are not alone in this. You never will be.

There are people out there and they might be next to you or in the next chapter of your life but they are there and they want to help. They want to listen. They want to fight beside you if need be. I just really need you to understand that whatever you are going through isn’t something you have to deal with alone. Those burdens weighing you down do not have to be carried by your shoulders alone. Let someone in. Let someone know. Trust that you are worth someone’s time and attention because you are.

You have a life to live, to enjoy and I really want you to know there is hope. There is a way out. There is more to life than pain, sorrow, fear, all those dark things have no power over the light and magic inside of you. You are meant for so much more than sadness or suffering. Never stop believing, and please don’t you ever give up!

I am rooting for you! I am rooting for all of us…

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Stop waiting for the perfect moment. It will never arrive. There are no perfect moments sweetheart. We choose our moments and I want you to start choosing yours and start choosing now. Time will not wait for you and I don’t want you to miss out on your life because you’ve been patiently waiting on the sidelines thinking you have to stay there. You don’t have to sit this life out, your life out. You have a whole field in front of you for you to discover and run around in. It is there for you, let your feet press down on the earth and then start running, start discovering, and never stop.
~~Acoustic Imagery~~ (via bealightinthedark)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi, i love your tumblr. i really do... and one of your post caught my attention in which i could relate to. i am never good at trying to express myself as you do... so with this i would like to have your permission to repost one of your post to my blog. don't worry i won't claim it as my own. the reason for this is because everything you said in that post is how i feel right now. (i-want-to-be-a-person-that-loves-with-everything)
bealightinthedark bealightinthedark Said:

I don’t have a problem with things being posted/reblogged as long as you put my name and/or a link to bealightinthedark.

I’m glad the piece spoke to you:)

Be blessed,