★·.·´¯The Lighthouse¯`·.·★

Be a light in the dark. Shine brightly for those who have lost their way in the storm. Use your story to help another person continue their own. You are loved. You are significant. You belong here. Be blessed!

I choose me. I choose to wake up day after day and try. I choose to fall asleep night after night and dream. I choose today, tomorrow, and all the days I’m given. I choose life. I choose now; my present and later; my future. I choose to fly, and when I cannot fly I shall walk. When my feet are too tired I will crawl. I choose to never give up no matter how hard things get. I choose to love. To give. To live. I choose to dream. To discover. To pick myself up over and over. To learn from my mistakes. To accept the flaws I have. I choose to be positive. I choose to smile. To laugh. To breathe. To leave behind my past. To cleanse my soul of negativity. To forgive. To live the life I’ve imagined. I choose to let go of my hate. I choose to hold on time and time again. I choose this life, this present, this me. I choose me everyday in every way. I choose me.

I choose peace. I choose wholeness through God. I choose hope. I choose joy. I choose to make the best and the most of my book of life. I choose my story as it is written. I choose to fight. To try. To never give up or back down. I choose to heal. To be free. I choose better and brighter days. I choose to be honest and sincere. I choose to be myself. To shine true, and shine bright. I choose to believe good wins, love wins, light wins. I choose to lift myself up. To lift you up. I choose faith even in the midst of storms. I choose to tell my story. To use my voice. To take off my mask. I choose to laugh and trust.

I choose to be a bright light in the dark.

~~Acoustic Imagery~~

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