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Be a light in the dark. Shine brightly for those who have lost their way in the storm. Use your story to help another person continue their own. You are loved. You are significant. You belong here. Be blessed!

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Whatever your pit looks like, don’t stay in it. Don’t let the depth nor its darkness deceive you into believing you belong there. You do not belong there. You never belonged there. You got stuck and you got hurt and you stopped dreaming. You stopped hoping that life could be more than the lies, the hate, and the fear that kept you chained in this pit. In this hellhole that reeks of despair.

Sweetheart, you don’t belong in the darkness. You don’t deserve to walk around in your skin feeling unsafe and unloved and unseen. It is not your fate to spend everyday feeling broken and lonely and inadequate. You were not born to live each day as an apology to the world for being alive.

You are here, and you are important, and you are needed. I hope everyday from today you wake up knowing and feeling that you matter so much. So much more than any words I could weave together could ever explain.

You are radiant and wonderful and precious. And there will times when you don’t believe that, but I pray that those times will be few and far between. Even more I hope that when those moments come you will speak into the void “I am alive, and I will live my life well. I will enjoy the present moment as it is, and make the most of my time. I will not allow anything or anyone to dampen my spirit or dim my light. I will rise from every fall and keep going.”

The pit is not your home. It is not where you belong. Even if you have to crawl out that’s okay. You just have to leave it, and find the light again. You have to try again. You have to fight again. You have to choose life again.

You belong here. Your story is still being written. This pit is not the end of you, it does not get to claim you. Today you can rise again and day by day you can learn how to breathe, and what it means to come alive.

With love,

Dele Olanubi

Hope is being able to find color in the seemingly black and white situations of life. Being able to see beyond what is into what could be. Hope is faith in the possibilities. Believing that this is not all there is to my story.

I am finding hope more and more. I notice the colors more. I see the flickers of light they awaken in me.

And it feels good. It feels so good!

~~ Acoustic Imagery~~
As long as the sun rises so will I
Trusting that even in the darkest of nights
When morning comes light begins again
The hope that comes with a new day
The promise of a clean slate and a fresh start
Does wonders to restore and release my heart
~~Acoustic Imagery~~


You are not a horrible person.
You are not insane or crazy or stupid.
You are not ugly. You are not disgusting. You are not trash.
You are not what he did, or what they said, or how she felt.
You are not a number on a scale.
You are not weak when you are vulnerable.
You are not a grade inked on a sheet of paper.

You are not a coward because you have fears. We all have fears.
You are not a lost cause just because you are still searching.
You are not foolish because you care so deeply about things most people don’t take the time to notice.
You are not unworthy because of your past or the mistakes you made.
You are not doomed to misery no matter what your doubts scream in your ears.
You are not hopeless just because you fall and fail.
You are not insignificant. You are not invisible. You are not inadequate even though you don’t measure to the world’s standards of success.

You are not damaged beyond repair even after all these years.
You are not the sins of another or the tragedy of others.
You are not limited to how you grew up or who you loved.
You are not the mistakes or expectations of your parents. Or anyone for that matter.
You are not defeated even though you are wounded.
You are not silly. Your dreams belong to you. They are not silly.
You are not empty. There is light, and art, and love in you.

You are not the only one who feels the way you do, sees the world with dreamy eyes, or hopes that it truly does get better.

You are not alone.
You are not alone.
You are never alone.

We will find each other. You will find me, and I will find you. I truly believe somehow we will all find the people we need in this world. We will meet, and it will be a beautiful day when I finally see your smile and the light of joy and peace in your eyes.

Until then remember these words and remember that I mean every single one.

~~Acoustic Imagery~~
I have been here before
I know every crevice and crack
In this place of brokenness
I have felt the shivers
I have cried the tears
And I have had enough
This place is not where
I belong or deserve
I want more
I deserve more
I need more
Than tears
Than aches
Than the broken notes
That play over and over
Like a sad symphony
Inside my head
I have decided
To try again
To fight again
To run the race
Set before me
At my own pace
To trust that time
And patience
Will lead to
Blessed answers
I am not what he did to me
I am not what I did to myself
I am more
I am so much more than wounds
And hurts
And sadness
This is not the life
I was born to live
This is not the person
I was created to be
I do not want to
Look in the mirror
And see a stranger
Staring back at me
With my own eyes
How much longer
Will I mourn for a child
I no longer am
How many more pages
Will I give to misery
One day I will die
Before then I must live
To live is to try
To try is to fail
And then try again
That is life
That is success
That is the story
I wish to write
About a broken child
Who grew into a whole woman
~~Acoustic Imagery~~
~~Acoustic Imagery~~